Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bring On The Kids (part 1)

For those oldies who follow my blog you'll be familiar with the projects I get asked to do at my children's school. Call it a good thing (because I love it) or a bad thing (because I give my time for free) I guess the requests will keep coming when I am mum with a creative business! The school is very small, we only have 65 ish pupils at the moment, so I love to help where I can. The best thing about getting to do what I do is their smiley faces and their enthusiasm. As we only have 3 classes it's also possible that every child can get involved and I don't think I've ever had a moaning one!
My first project back in 2009 was murals for the toilets
Then we painted the hall wall. The theme was the schools architecture and the memories of the pupils that were leaving for high school in 2010
Then last year I painted a bench for a local competition
This year its 6 OWL MURALS for the new changing rooms!
I am doing them over 6 afternoons (2 with each class) and ultimately 6 boards will be produced, 3 for each changing rooms. First to finish have been the big ones. The top class has 24 puplis mixed across years 4,5 & 6. Look what they produced, I'm very proud.....
On 2 3'x3' mdf boards I drew a rough outline of a Snowy Owl, a Barn Owl and a Tawny Owl. Other than helping them to mix colours I really did leave them to it!

The less artistic ones researched facts and wrote them on the boards, which look really good

Tomorrow & Tuesday I've got 20 year 2's & 3's, wish me luck!

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