Sunday, 22 January 2012

One Week at A Time!

Having flown round like a headless chicken during November & December I decided to start the year in a little more organised & structured way. With orders, Christmas shopping, school plays, concerts, hubby's 40th birthday & loosing our poorly dog Libby there were times before Christmas when I didn't know which way to turn.
I decided that had to change (at least for a while) in 2012. One really important aspect of Muddy Puddle is that it fits in around my children & family life. Knowing that half term & my daughters 8th birthday will be here before I even get used to writing 2012 I made a plan......

Week I - 9th - design, suss & make Valentines stock
Week 2 - 16th - design, suss & make a start on Mothers Day stock
Week 3 - 23rd - TAX RETURN from start to finish, with no excuses (boo) THEN start work on Owl Murals that I am doing during 6 afternoons over the next 3 weeks at my kids school

Well I've impressed myself (so far so good)...............taaaaa daaaaa!!!!

3 new designs added this year

3 card designs made, put in the shop & listed on the website!

Mothers Day Design 1

Mothers Day Design 2

Mothers Day Design 3

So onto this week....boring paperwork looms, booooooo, wish me luck :(

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oooh Knitwear!

I'm not really a jumper kind of girl but today I am converted!

I much prefer the whole layering look and dress for comfort. Having items you can put on & take off is such an easy way to dress. Take today for example I'm wearing a vest, a top & a dress with leggins. Add to that a scarf which has been on & off all day and the cardi I threw in the car earlier but never wore & I'm sorted.

Now jumpers on the other hand are just jumpers, you cant throw much on top of them and what do you wear underneath in case they have to come off? But tonight I have flicked through my new NEXT Directory and they have a whole range that are right up my street. I want them all...hearts, stripes, spots, simple pattern I'm in heaven!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goodbye Christmas

With the tree taken down yesterday, the decorations boxed up safely for another year, homes found for new gifts & the kids back to school I guess thats it.

I LOVE Christmas but when its all done & dusted I always feel a little lost. I think its got something to do with the need to find a purpose....I thrive on planning, excitement, organising, arranging and December was certainly full of that. But other than having a major spring clean and doing the dreaded tax return I have nothing as such to do. So for now until I find my 2012 feet I'll keep pottering & slide showing my Christmas & London Photo Albums!

Happy New Year Guys x













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