Saturday, 30 October 2010

I've Been Kidnapped !!!!

Well, well I here you all that really her.....yes hi guys, its me & I'm back.

What can I say......nothing I guess but the truth which is my lack of blogging is totally & utterly bang out of order. I've just realised tomorrow is the last day of the month and I haven't done a single post this month, which is so bad. You may be curious to know why and where I have been ? well sit back & I'll explain the truth........

Facebook kidnapped me !!!

It was about a year ago when a few crafter/maker friends of mine gave me some advice, one had even been told it from the likes of Business Link & WIRE.........."you need to need to facebook.......get on twitter......forget a website......raise your profile......create a fan base.... spread the word......start with blogging......then sell on line......its the way forward"

So I took the advice & began my journey into this mad & rather strange world of social networking. I'll be honest and say I didn't even know what a blog was, I thought facebook was for teenagers & twitter for celebrities, lol !!!!! I'm not even a great texter never mind an online cyber goer ! But I'll give anything a go, so I did. I regularly wrote posts on here, made time to read all your comings & goings & we together shared news & views. I loved it ! I found blogging a very inspirational & motivating tool. The sharing of work, trends & ideas really helped me. My dear hubby made frequent comments about my blogging & the amount of time I took reading, writing, commenting etc. I really found my confidence through blogging and was buzzing that my business was finding its feet. So one day I decided to go for it........I clicked that dangerous button

'join facebook' AAAHHHH!!!

And that was it, they had me, kidnapped & cuffed !! I set up a Muddy Puddle Crafts Page & was there. It is quick, it is easy, it is instant, it grips you, its non stop, fans appear from no where, orders start coming in & before you know it I'm a serial facebooker, lol !

No seriously guys thats how it is! I have been on here from time to time but never long enough to post. I have read your posts but often whilst waiting for my photos to up load on facebook, sorry. Then before I get the chance to leave a comment, there it is...... 'ping'.......there goes my phone & pc letting me know I've got a facebook notification.

Well enough rambling & time to stop this fiasco of neglecting blogging. I feel like my daughter about to take her girl guiding promise at Rainbows so here goes.......

"I promise that I will do my best to love blogging as much as facebook & not to neglect you and ensure I post at least once a week"

Thanks guys, see u next week, if not before, Jo xxx

ps if you see me on facebook please tell me to get on here & you'll be pleased to know for now I'll be giving twitter a miss !!!