Friday, 26 February 2010

Hi I'm Back !!!

Hi there, has it really been nearly 3 months, where does the time go ? Not wanting to make excuses but I have either been too busy, too tired or too de motivated to post. I cant quite believe its been that long...................

December was really busy and a juggling game for me making orders, re stocking the shop, working in the shop, nativity plays, christmas shopping, family stuff etc . Then came January which didn't really happen for me. I had all these great plans to make new stock and try out new ideas but I couldn't get motivated. Having all the snow and the kids being around with the school closures left me all over the place and I just didn't get going.

I've made up for it this month and I've had smoke coming off my paint brush. I've been trying out new ideas and been really enjoying it. I've combined decoupage with my painted polka dots and am really pleased with the effects. I've mainly been doing boxes which always get a good reaction and sell well in the shop. I put them in the shop yesterday just in time for mothers day so we'll see what happens ?