Thursday, 24 January 2013

Going Chunky!

A while ago my Hubby acquired (as men do) some oak blocks of wood.  Although he mentioned it in passing and I was half aware of him having fun in the garage with his log splitter I took little notice.  I did notice however our new style kindling wood sitting pretty by the wood burner.  Then one weekend he arrived home with more and this time BOY I took note!!!

OAK! lovely OAK, Chunky OAK, Blocks of OAK not scrappy  slithers of off cuts that you'd burn!!!
Before he got the axe out I helped myself to the nicest bits and stashed them away on the shelf in my studio.

I look at them daily and have ummed and aahhed about free standing plaques? or cutting them into stacking blocks? 

.......then a commission came in........a commission for one of my House Plaques.....


I have done this design for a while now, its an adaptation from my doodle houses I turn into New Home Cards.  I love doodling houses, flowers and gardens...they remind me my childhood tv days, watching Playschool and programmes like Rainbow where life was innocent, detail didn't matter, flowers could be bigger than windows, colours were vivid and birds always sat chirping on Chimney pots.

So I got busy......and Muddy Puddle who is generally quite 2D got CHUNKY!

These are the first two......My theory behind them is everyone's house is a different style and has a scheme, we all have a colour palette that sums us up.  Our d├ęcor in all the 5 houses we've owned has always been reds, plums, creams and greens.  My mum on the other hand is blues, teals and terracottas and my friend red, blue and cream.

 More shapes, more sizes, more styles and more colour schemes will follow soon.......

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas all Packed Away

From a blogger who hasn't blogged for the last 10 months, it only seams appropriate that I put 2012 to bed by saying farewell to Christmas.

As you may know I am truly obsessed by Christmas.....I love every minute.....from going decorations over board, to hanging up stockings, to leaving Santa a snack, to sprinkling reindeer food, to making sleigh tracks in our gravel, to eating turkey for days on end, its just the best!  

Today we took the tree down and boxed up all the decorations.  So to cheer me up I have just down loaded the contents of my memory card.  Over a cup of tea I have enjoyed a truly red, white and green slideshow over and over a good few times!


from Gangnaming round the tree..... Santas new style snack........ eating far too many sprouts........

 .........its Bye Bye Christmas.....and its all packed away :(