Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas all Packed Away

From a blogger who hasn't blogged for the last 10 months, it only seams appropriate that I put 2012 to bed by saying farewell to Christmas.

As you may know I am truly obsessed by Christmas.....I love every minute.....from going decorations over board, to hanging up stockings, to leaving Santa a snack, to sprinkling reindeer food, to making sleigh tracks in our gravel, to eating turkey for days on end, its just the best!  

Today we took the tree down and boxed up all the decorations.  So to cheer me up I have just down loaded the contents of my memory card.  Over a cup of tea I have enjoyed a truly red, white and green slideshow over and over a good few times!


from Gangnaming round the tree..... Santas new style snack........ eating far too many sprouts........

 .........its Bye Bye Christmas.....and its all packed away :( 


  1. It's lovely to hear from you again! Your photos show that you had a wonderful time.
    Jille xx

  2. It's lovely to see you back in blogland, looks like you had a fabulous Christmas xx

  3. Hi JO! Im a bad blogger too but have just started again this year! I discovered Instagram so that was the end of blogging for a while but I missed my trips to blogland and all the lovely friends. Now fb is such a pain Ive decided to come back! I loved my Muddy Puddle tree ornaments again this year
    Heather xxx

  4. Ahhh thank you ladies for welcoming me back, wasn't sure you'd all still be here. Glad to have broken the ice and hope to be doing regular posts from now on plus catching up with all your blogs. Jo xxx