Monday, 12 March 2012

Spring Cheer!

My kitchen table is looking rather Fun, Fresh, Bright & Spring like this morning after a bit of impulse buying this weekend. Believe it or not I don't really like shopping and like it even less at the weekend when its busy, but needs must when your daughter comes home on Friday with a hole in her school shoe!

So off we popped to Worceseter yesterday, I'd rather have been at home enjoying the sunshine so I only parked for an hour.  But didn't we do well, as well as the school shoes I managed to grab a few bits for me!  On on route from car park to shoe shop and back again I couldn't resist......some new (rather funky) pumps for me for when the time comes to ditch the boots, a Cheery Cherry Blossom Mothers Day Card for my mum and the brightest yellow flowers I have ever seen!

Love the feeling that Spring is in the air, enjoy the sunshine x

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  1. LOVE the beautiful shoes and also loving that Spring is in the air. Somehow it just makes everything seem brighter :-)

  2. I was feeling brighter too Gilly but since Monday its been doom, gloom & fog here in Herefordshire, bring the sun back please! x

  3. Fabs shoes!

    Yes, I was getting all excited about spring too and then winter came back... ho hum. x

  4. I love your blog and have chosen to give you the Versatile blogger award please read my post