Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I am all in a bit of a mess at the moment, maybe its the sun? maybe its April? I dont really know but life is a bit too manic. I'm not even that busy in Muddy Puddle land so I dont know what I'm on about, I only have a few orders here & there coming through. We have put our house on the market and are having a lot of interest, I think I am sub conciously focusing on that too much and have put life somewhat on hold. With viewers coming its a constant battle to tidy & shove things in cupboards & not start doing anything major just in case?

Thats it!

I dont seem to properly start or finish anything...I start it, put it away somewhere then I dont finish, in fact some days I have so much to do but dont want to get stuck in too much I dont even know what to do first. I tried yesterday to do so much but feel nothing actually got achieved. This is the job list I made myself last night to spur me on, its not all I have to do today...add to it the Pta cake sale, the washing, the ironing, the phoncalls etc, my ceramics class & you may be just about there. The kids break up tomorrow so thats even more jobs out the window as I enjoy the holidays with them. Grrrrr, thats it moan over, roll on May so I can put
this month behind me.

I took part in a 'Heart' swap back along with fellow bloggers and was paired with the lovely Beki. My gorgeous parcel of all things hearty arrived over a week ago, all wrapped in pink paper. I ripped it open, ooohhhed & aaahhhed and quickly stuffed it back in the envelope. You've guessed it, we had a viewer, so it was shoved in the under stairs cupboard. And there it stayed, how bad is that? so today its come back out, been photographed & oohhed & ahhed at and I have taken some time to give it all homes.

The sewn house hanging is perfect! I recently gave my loo/utility a makeover with this heart I won in a previous giveaway as the inspiration. I teamed it up with my house plaque I made at ceramics class, hey presto a spring fresh look was born. Well now it has been joined by Beki's masterpiece, perfect co ordination or what!

The gingham heart now lives in my conservatory where it matched with the sofa cushion! This was another gift from a fellow blogger, again perfect match! I am beginning to think you lot know me too well!

Anyway I'm off, things to do, another task crossed off my list! no doubt it will be May till I blog again, so toooodles x