Friday, 25 February 2011

Studio Space!

There has been much talk lately on facebook about studios space. Fellow crafters have shared with us their 'sewing rooms', 'crafts rooms' & 'studio's'. I've seen converted attics, conservatory's, summer houses, spare rooms, even sheds. The location may vary but each one has had one thing in common....A SOLE PURPOSE, A ROOM ENTIRELY DEVOTED TO CRAFTING!!! As if thats not been enough each little room has then been given a personality to add comfort, inspiration & the wow factor! I've seen cushions, pictures, bunting, comfy chairs, shelves of colour coded fabric, rows of ribbon.....I could go on but it makes me green with envy!

Having moved from the end of my dining table to an actual desk some time ago I thought I had a 'studio' now thinks not.......

I work in my hallway.....its quite a big space but its also a way to the lounge & kitchen, it has the front door & staircase in it & I share it with the dogs & the drying washing!!!

My little Ikea laptop desk is literally 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft but it does extend to kind of double its size!!!
Thats great but when I do that it prevents the door opening!!! The postman truly thinks I'm crazy but gets it now & just signals through the glass that my parcel is on the mat!


My tall Ikea drawers contain all my paints, tools, beads, buttons, papers etc & are a life saver.

I'm a bit of a tidy freak & love sorting my jars of beads & buttons!
I love the old chest under my desk that contains all my ribbons.
The final thing I love about it is the company!
I am still dreaming of a devoted room that I can keep messy & just shut the door on when I turn from crafter to mummy but until then at least its a SPACE to call my own x
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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Last Chance For LOVE xxx

With only 3 days to go thought I'd best share my 2011 Valentines creations with you.
Have you sourced your little something yet to say what you need to say to your loved one on Monday morning?
What sums it for you?..... I love you, for keeps, be mine, we 2 are one, truly madly, kiss me quick, crazy in love ????
Guess tomorrow will be the last guaranteed posting today so why not pop over to Folksy to check out my shop and all the others on there selling that perfect romantic gift?

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Its all coming together....

In the madness of the Christmas rush I decided when the new year came and it was a little quieter I would.....

1. Get more organised
2. Get more professional
3. Get more consistent

All of these goals related to my look, my brand, my packaging and the overall impression my customer received.

  • Having coped with product stickers printed off my own pc using a bit of clip art for over 2 years now enough was enough.
  • Having wrapped goods for the last 2 years in random but lovely papers and used whatever enveplope I could find enough was enough.
  • Having never really had any business cards properly designed enough was enough.
  • Having made my logo some years ago that was now looking tired enough was enough.
So I've been a busy bee & here's why 'Its all coming together'

  1. New Logo CHECK!
  2. Mini Moo Business Cards CHECK!
  3. New Envelopes CHECK!
  4. Dots & Spots Packing Tape On Order CHECK!
  5. Moo Stickers On Order CHECK!
  6. Clear Paint Palette for Customers CHECK!
Think thats all grown up enough????

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I have a .com!!!

I was planning on doing a big proper post tonight but I am a little giddy and couldn't wait!!!! Dont worry it will be short & sweet......

This is my new product label, yummy yeah? take a close look at the text, do you see a web address?

I have a WEBSITE!!!!! hope you share my excitement ? ta ta till later Jo x

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