Friday, 25 February 2011

Studio Space!

There has been much talk lately on facebook about studios space. Fellow crafters have shared with us their 'sewing rooms', 'crafts rooms' & 'studio's'. I've seen converted attics, conservatory's, summer houses, spare rooms, even sheds. The location may vary but each one has had one thing in common....A SOLE PURPOSE, A ROOM ENTIRELY DEVOTED TO CRAFTING!!! As if thats not been enough each little room has then been given a personality to add comfort, inspiration & the wow factor! I've seen cushions, pictures, bunting, comfy chairs, shelves of colour coded fabric, rows of ribbon.....I could go on but it makes me green with envy!

Having moved from the end of my dining table to an actual desk some time ago I thought I had a 'studio' now thinks not.......

I work in my hallway.....its quite a big space but its also a way to the lounge & kitchen, it has the front door & staircase in it & I share it with the dogs & the drying washing!!!

My little Ikea laptop desk is literally 2.5 ft x 1.5 ft but it does extend to kind of double its size!!!
Thats great but when I do that it prevents the door opening!!! The postman truly thinks I'm crazy but gets it now & just signals through the glass that my parcel is on the mat!


My tall Ikea drawers contain all my paints, tools, beads, buttons, papers etc & are a life saver.

I'm a bit of a tidy freak & love sorting my jars of beads & buttons!
I love the old chest under my desk that contains all my ribbons.
The final thing I love about it is the company!
I am still dreaming of a devoted room that I can keep messy & just shut the door on when I turn from crafter to mummy but until then at least its a SPACE to call my own x
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  1. I love it Jo. It may not be as big as you would like, but it is a lovely muddy puddle space and think what you manage to produce in it!!! x

  2. Thanks for sharing your space with us. Mine is my lap, the dining room table, the kitchen worktop. Basically anywhere I can find space.

    How amazing are you to manage to do all that you do in this space. It's a good job you are a tidy girl but then perhaps you get more done because you know where everything is and that it isn't that far away.

    Keep going and one day you might have your own shed. Ahhhh we can dream.


  3. So many things coming from such a compact area is amazing.

  4. I can't believe how productive you are from what is actually quite a small table :) your work is amazing, and the fact that you manage to make so many lovely things from your space is a complete credit to you Jo! Keep dreaming of that summer house, you never know... :)
    p.s love your very neat and tidy collection of buttons and ribbons, a girl after my own heart, hehe! x

  5. What lovely dogs! And who is the little basket on the other side for?

  6. thanks for all your comments guys, we are hoping to maybe move soon so I will be scouring rightmove for that extra special space! the extra basket under my desk Sadie is my french shopping basket, no pets just more 'stuff' x

  7. A Lovely space - I have never seen such a huge hall! our hall is 3ft by 2ft! I think sorting through all your crafting materials is all part of the creative process and I like to sift through mine too - which is kept in a wicker hamper. Bettyx

  8. Oh I laughed when I read about "studio's,I'm like you always looking at beautiful craft places and there's no way I can have one ,as I'm a dressmaker and have to have a sewing and fitting room.There's no way I can slop around these rooms unless I risk paint or glue all over some customers clothes!!.One thing's for sure'though it must be far easier to be creative when all your tools and supplies are on display.I waste a lot of time pulling boxes out to look for stuff,and having to tidy it all away when I'm finished.Oh well we can dream on!!!