Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I have a .com!!!

I was planning on doing a big proper post tonight but I am a little giddy and couldn't wait!!!! Dont worry it will be short & sweet......

This is my new product label, yummy yeah? take a close look at the text, do you see a web address?

I have a WEBSITE!!!!! hope you share my excitement ? ta ta till later Jo x

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous well done you! I hope it brings you big rewards
    Heather x

  2. Congratulations Jo, i know I've just said this on facebook but can't believe how little time it's taken to get yourself up and running with your site, it's fantabulous! xxx

  3. It looks lovely, wishing you the best of luck with it Jo!
    You're my partner in my heart swap so will be in touch soon!

    B xxx