Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Its all coming together....

In the madness of the Christmas rush I decided when the new year came and it was a little quieter I would.....

1. Get more organised
2. Get more professional
3. Get more consistent

All of these goals related to my look, my brand, my packaging and the overall impression my customer received.

  • Having coped with product stickers printed off my own pc using a bit of clip art for over 2 years now enough was enough.
  • Having wrapped goods for the last 2 years in random but lovely papers and used whatever enveplope I could find enough was enough.
  • Having never really had any business cards properly designed enough was enough.
  • Having made my logo some years ago that was now looking tired enough was enough.
So I've been a busy bee & here's why 'Its all coming together'

  1. New Logo CHECK!
  2. Mini Moo Business Cards CHECK!
  3. New Envelopes CHECK!
  4. Dots & Spots Packing Tape On Order CHECK!
  5. Moo Stickers On Order CHECK!
  6. Clear Paint Palette for Customers CHECK!
Think thats all grown up enough????

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  1. very grown up, I love the Moo cards.

  2. Order received - will try and post it out today!
    It will all look lovely and make all the difference! Good Luck!

  3. very very grwon up, i'd be happy just having a selection of your business cards in a frame!