Sunday, 27 June 2010

Crafty Sunday

Evening all, sorry I nearly forgot, but better late than never!

I've been enjoying such a nice laid back weekend with the family, enjoying the sunshine, the garden, the weather and general pottering that I have only just thought about doing this (despite reading Maria's in my pj's this morning). As I am so late its more photos & less text if thats ok. Its been a busy, busy old week with orders to make & deadlines to meet........

Made plenty of these that turned into 'Strings of Hearts'

Made various 'Hanging Text Hearts' to suit all tastes.

More primitive hearts that turned into 'Magnets'

And finally, plaques, plaques & more plaques.

P.S I've also gained more followers this week, welcome and thankyou to you for stopping by, looking forward to getting to know you all :)
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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Knitting 4 Heroes

Today I went to the Knitting 4 Heroes Exhibition in Hereford. It was a very impressive display with the pieces of work being donated by knitters across the country. The flag was of course the centre piece of the exhibition and the scale of it was sooo impressive.

If you knit please check out these links as the next project has already begun and they need 450 donated squares in greens to make a commemorative wreath.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cath K Spending Spree !!

Sorry I haven't blogged since Sunday but I'm having a half stressful/half exciting week , one minute I'm having a ball the next I'm tearing my hair out.
There simply aren't enough hours in the day, I am so busy with orders, prep for a market and prep for a new on line venture I have steam coming off my paint brush! Then there's the weather, I am finding it up lifting and pleasurable one minute then draining and tiring the next. On top of all of this the kids aren't sleeping with the heat and are up up some ridiculous hour and therefore turn into little monsters at teatime which makes life even harder.
ok sorry moan over, deep breath............
try to remember happy times...............
oh yeah that cuppa & cherry on top (as my 3 yr old calls them) I enjoyed earlier, bliss !!!!
You've guessed it my birthday money spends have arrived from Cath K
anyone for tea ? It tastes so much nicer out of this believe me

My handbag is looking really swish with this pencil case, gadget case for my camera and mirror !

There' that moment of bliss again, the perfect afternoon snack before the school run !

What do you think ? money well spent I say, just need a nice dotty cake stand to top my china off dont you think ?

Finally today on my way home from work I popped into the new dress agency shop in town for a child free browse, I spotted this..... think all my floral, shabby, vintage spends have influenced my taste this week because I am so not a blue girl but at £12 I just had to buy it !
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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Crafty Sunday

Sunday again, where are the days going lately ? Cant believe its the longest day of the year today, that means its all down hill from now, I'm just starting to enjoy summer, slow down, autumn needs to wait a bit please.

Well then onto makes for this week, there's been loads. Alot of the usual to be honeset which I wont bore you with, I'm sure you've seen enough magnets sets, peg sets and name plaques from me lately. It seems there are alot of birthdays this month this week I've done a Lauren, a Kady, a Joshua and am just starting a Daisy & a Harsimran. Also done 2 coat hangers for a Jack & an Edward.

Had a fair this week so a pot of bookmarks and a good bunch of key rings were necessary as at £2 & £2.50 they always go down well.

Had a lovely order for a red & cream washing line which the design was kind of left up to me. I love orders like this as I can make it up as I go along with only a vague brief, really enjoyed doing this one, would love to see it in use in the ladies red kitchen !

Crafty makes over and on to today where I "MADE" my hubby very happy by "MAKING" him a lovely fathers day picnic. The kids and I surprised him by taking him on a posh picnic as my daughter called it ! Not a sandwich in sight, I put together pate, cheeses, baguette, salad, olives, fruit & a chocolate cake !!!! The sun shone and we had a great afternoon in the gorgeous Herefordshire countryside where the great food was followed by a nice leisurely walk.

Just want to add a big Welcome and Thanks to my new followers, I really do get a burst of excitement and motivation when another one of you clicks that button, so thankyou. When I can find a few more hours in the day this week I will be sure to pop over to your blogs and check them out. xxx

Friday, 18 June 2010

First Birthday Spends Purchase !!!!

Meet my new baby.....I cant begin to tell you how excited I am about this purchase, allow me to explain. As you know I have £80 birthday money burning a huge hole in my pocket. I am still pondering on Cath K tea sets, cake stands, picnic mats, Emma B hearts, Greengate, cake tins and sooo much more but here is my first £20 gone and boy was it worth it !!!!

I decided I needed a new purse. I was very tempted to buy a Cath K large purse for £20 but decided no I really should support and buy handmade so I hit Folksy and all viewed all 290 ish very unique purses. I saw so many I liked and could easily have bought loads and set up a purse shop but then I found Natalie Farrell and my excitement started ! Her shop had coin purses & makeup bags listed but no large purses so I contacted her to see if I could commission one. I figured all my cards, coins, receipts and general junk would soon fill a big purse so I had the idea of a small coin purse to fit inside ? Natalie was very accommodating and asked what I liked and how I imagined it. I told her I liked green, pink, polka dots, buttons & funky florals left it to her......this is what she produced..........stunning, beautiful and so me, just perfect.

WOW WEE !!!!!!! if you feel like me please check out her shop xx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

There'e Some Weird Folk in my Town......

You may be aware that I live in Bromyard, Herefordshire, you have probably never heard of it or have any idea where it is ? We moved to the area 9 years ago after re locating to the Midlands and deciding that living in nice surroundings with cheaper house prices was more preferable than the big towns near the M5 and Birmingham. It meant enduring a 45 min commute but felt a slow pace life in a little town would be great. Its a pretty little market town set between the small cities of Hereford and Worcester (we're about 15 miles form each), we don't have any high street brand shops, no cinema or any of the usual bright lights that come with a big town but what we do have are Festivals ? We host a whole load of them throughout the year, there's a Marmalade Festival, a Poetry Festival, a Folk Festival, a Town Crier Festival and this last weekend a Scarecrow Festival ????? why I hear you cry, I'm afraid I don't know. As I said I'm not a local and will therefore never really understand the traditions of this country town but whatever Festival it is it always makes me smile ! I'll let you make up your mind .........

Last Friday Eve a a bunch of Scarecrows all with a Fairytale theme were paraded through the streets and then on Saturday they appeared dotted around the town, where they stayed until 5pm on Sunday and then just like that they were gone ? (until next year)

they were in the streets...........

in front gardens.........

by railings.........

at the bus depot........

on driveways..........

in more gardens.......

just about everywhere !!!! why ???? you tell me xxx
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Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Fever !

Today we had to change the shop window display from the Scarecrow Festival one we've had over the weekend (more of that later in the week, I live in a strange town ?) Now we could have done pastesl, brights, vintage, summery but I decided we really should give in and go with the flow and do a world cup display. Neither I or Jane, who runs the shop with me, are mega football fans but how can you not? So I went to check out the red & white stock we had and figured it was possible although some items are a bit pinky red but hey ho !
So I got out my sticky tape and card stash and set about flag making (couldn't resist adding the ribbon plain is so boring)

As we didn't actually have any St Georges products I made a quick St Georges heart and star. (perfect fathers day gift I figured)
and hey presto, rather good if I do say so myself, hope it brings the boys some luck Go England !

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