Wednesday, 16 June 2010

There'e Some Weird Folk in my Town......

You may be aware that I live in Bromyard, Herefordshire, you have probably never heard of it or have any idea where it is ? We moved to the area 9 years ago after re locating to the Midlands and deciding that living in nice surroundings with cheaper house prices was more preferable than the big towns near the M5 and Birmingham. It meant enduring a 45 min commute but felt a slow pace life in a little town would be great. Its a pretty little market town set between the small cities of Hereford and Worcester (we're about 15 miles form each), we don't have any high street brand shops, no cinema or any of the usual bright lights that come with a big town but what we do have are Festivals ? We host a whole load of them throughout the year, there's a Marmalade Festival, a Poetry Festival, a Folk Festival, a Town Crier Festival and this last weekend a Scarecrow Festival ????? why I hear you cry, I'm afraid I don't know. As I said I'm not a local and will therefore never really understand the traditions of this country town but whatever Festival it is it always makes me smile ! I'll let you make up your mind .........

Last Friday Eve a a bunch of Scarecrows all with a Fairytale theme were paraded through the streets and then on Saturday they appeared dotted around the town, where they stayed until 5pm on Sunday and then just like that they were gone ? (until next year)

they were in the streets...........

in front gardens.........

by railings.........

at the bus depot........

on driveways..........

in more gardens.......

just about everywhere !!!! why ???? you tell me xxx
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  1. They're cool! I'm not sure why some villages have scarecrow festivals but I know of at least another 2! The 1st is a little village near my kids school called Hunsworth, just outside Bradford, West Yorkshire and they have one every year and the other is a village called Wetwang in East Yorkshire, we drive through it monthly on our drive over to Bridlington to visit Mr. G's sister!!

  2. Because its what happens in the country!!

    No idea but it looks like fun :)

  3. We have a county-wide scarecrow competition here in Cornwall every summer. People really go to town - I love it!

  4. Its just like that where I live!!! I have only lived here for two years and have noticed scarecrows this time of year. There was a bride and groom one and the very next day the groom had disappeared!!! That was quite funny!! I think it is a country tradition that then builds up to the local fetexxx

  5. There is a village up the road from us that has one too...

  6. We have them in Norfolk as well. I love them and find myself reverting to a child trying to find them all.

  7. thanks girls for confirming that my town isn't quite as mad as I thought, at least others do these strange things :)

  8. I've been to Bromyard its a lovely town. I think you have a wonderful shop that sells the most amazing meat pies? Aghh can't remember the name. We stayed in a holiday cottage near Bromyard around Christmas time and pigged out on the local produce.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely quirky country town life.

  9. Great to see pics of Hereford! I was at the art collage in Hereford and met my partner Morgan in the dinky bar called jail house. We still have lot's of friends there who are artists too. Please check my blog cos we may know you.