Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Fever !

Today we had to change the shop window display from the Scarecrow Festival one we've had over the weekend (more of that later in the week, I live in a strange town ?) Now we could have done pastesl, brights, vintage, summery but I decided we really should give in and go with the flow and do a world cup display. Neither I or Jane, who runs the shop with me, are mega football fans but how can you not? So I went to check out the red & white stock we had and figured it was possible although some items are a bit pinky red but hey ho !
So I got out my sticky tape and card stash and set about flag making (couldn't resist adding the ribbon plain is so boring)

As we didn't actually have any St Georges products I made a quick St Georges heart and star. (perfect fathers day gift I figured)
and hey presto, rather good if I do say so myself, hope it brings the boys some luck Go England !

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  1. The window looks gorgeous, very tasteful..We have a second hand book shop near us and they had done tyhe st Georges cross from red and white books on shelves in the window, looked really cool...

  2. If you can't beat them, Join them heh. It looks really good.

  3. good idea, looks fab!! ... how do i put a link on my blog to my FB page?

  4. Love the window - it looks lovely.

    Kerry xxxx

  5. Shop window looks great - very eye-catching!

  6. The nicest, prettiest world cup window I have ever seen.

    Very eye catching and inviting.