Friday, 11 June 2010

Imagine, Create, Make x

Do you recall my giveaway where one of my prizes was a mystery plaque handpainted for the winner ?
Well this is it and so far its the only one like it. As requested its all pinks and purples handpainted for Tracey at Sewn Up. Its the smallest size plaque I do, a baby at 7.5 cms square. I really love doing these they are so cute and look great hung on a door, drawer or little slice of wall.
I've been working on a "the loo" one today in cream and blue and it got me thinking.... Thought some of you crafty types out there would appreciate the creative theme of Tracey's and I would therefore like to offer them to you all at £5.00 and free P&P in the colour way of your choice.
Interested ?
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  1. Ohh I'm interested! I'd like one in red and turquoise please!!! Thanks, Justine xx

  2. Hi Jo, How much are your hooks on the wooden plaques?

  3. Clare, cant think right now but they are in the shop in a few colours.

  4. Hi, what a great idea! Happy belated bithday, what fab presents! Love the wellies and of course the heart mug. K xxx