Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cath K Spending Spree !!

Sorry I haven't blogged since Sunday but I'm having a half stressful/half exciting week , one minute I'm having a ball the next I'm tearing my hair out.
There simply aren't enough hours in the day, I am so busy with orders, prep for a market and prep for a new on line venture I have steam coming off my paint brush! Then there's the weather, I am finding it up lifting and pleasurable one minute then draining and tiring the next. On top of all of this the kids aren't sleeping with the heat and are up up some ridiculous hour and therefore turn into little monsters at teatime which makes life even harder.
ok sorry moan over, deep breath............
try to remember happy times...............
oh yeah that cuppa & cherry on top (as my 3 yr old calls them) I enjoyed earlier, bliss !!!!
You've guessed it my birthday money spends have arrived from Cath K
anyone for tea ? It tastes so much nicer out of this believe me

My handbag is looking really swish with this pencil case, gadget case for my camera and mirror !

There' that moment of bliss again, the perfect afternoon snack before the school run !

What do you think ? money well spent I say, just need a nice dotty cake stand to top my china off dont you think ?

Finally today on my way home from work I popped into the new dress agency shop in town for a child free browse, I spotted this..... think all my floral, shabby, vintage spends have influenced my taste this week because I am so not a blue girl but at £12 I just had to buy it !
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  1. I know exactly where you're coming from!!! deep breath and smile!!!
    the CK teacups and plates look gorgeous and you must have the swishest handbag in town - bet you keep opening your bag just to peek!!!
    hope ther's more hours in your day tomorrow!!!

  2. Love, love, love your dress and can I please come to yours for a cuppa? I think I might NEED those cups, maybe for my birthday if i'm lucky.
    Having the same problem with my little man with the sleep and heat, he has terrible monster syndrome toward the end of the day.

    B xxx

  3. Oh my you lucky girl! I just love CK and am going to head into Leeds sometime soon to cheeck out the new store, especially now the sale has started!! That dress is a bargain and really gorgeous - I'd love one for my holidays but if I travelled to your neck of the woods it would turn out to be a very expensive dress now wouldn't it!!! I've got a wedding plea on my blog currently - if you get chance pop over for a read and let me know if you can help!!! Justine xx

  4. Thanks ladies, so glad your'e with me as my hubby just doesn't get CK or why it excites me so much !

  5. Wow! You have enjoyed your birthday money!! You are doing amazingly well juggling everything. That dress is lovely... where in town? :)

  6. The new dress agency Sana, 3 doors down from us, its called "Too Be Frocked", posh/good quality second hand clothes, take in your stuff they get 50% you get 50%, well worth a look !

  7. Love the dress & the CK purchases.

    Of course tea tastes so much better out of a CK mug/cup ;)

  8. Beautiful photos, such lovely purchases. The new online venture sounds interesting...I was sewing at 5.30 this morning, fayre tomorrow and at my proper job today!xx

  9. Definately money well spent! I'm having one of those weeks too but I daren't take a visit to the shops!

  10. Your dress is gorgeous!!! And the Ck purchases are wonderful too!!! I spent a happy childless hour in my local store yesterday enjoying the start of the sale. I got some new bath towels and salt and pepper pots.

    Have a good weekend.

    Kerry xxxx

  11. Lots of lovely things. The dress is really pretty
    and great for this weather. enjoy your new buys and have a great weekend.

  12. Gorgeous CK goodies..and a great choice!
    Love the top..just right for this gorgeous weather we're having...hope you have a lovely weekend Hugs Clare x