Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ahoy Calling All Knitters Please !!!

Knitters out there your skills are needed for a very good cause.

I will get to the details shortly but first I have a little story to tell you about how I got to hear about it today, proving that it really is a small world.

On July 10th 2009 Riffleman William Aldridge was one of five soliders from 2nd Battalion the Riffles who lost his life in a series of I.E.D explosions whilst on foot patrol in Sangin Disrtrict of Helmand , Afghanistan...and he was one of the eight to perish within 24hrs. He still remains the youngest solider to be killed at just 47 days past his 18th birthday.

William was from my village, Bredenbury near Bromyard, Herefordshire. Although I only met William once his younger brother has been with my daughter through nursery and they are now in the same class at school. During the nursery and school runs I have therefore got to know his mum well.

So, on to today........ I was in the shop and received a flyer in the post, postmarked Bristol advertising a knitting event in Hereford. I duly placed it on the counter for all to see and thought no more of it until that was I discovered their blog. On seeing the profile name I put 2 and 2 together and worked out the flyer had been sent by William's Auntie. On contacting her I then discovered she had no idea who I was or that I knew the family. She was simply just targeting businesses for a bit of free advertising, what a small world.

Now this where you come in, Knitting 4 Heroes are raising money for Forces charity's and running events in memory of William. They have had knitters all over the country donating knitted squares to make a huge Union Jack as well as other donations of patriotic knitted goodies. They need all the help they can get and have just launched their latest challenge. So Please please check out their blog if you can help, they never turn away knitters and have tasks for all ablilitys. Their cause is so worthwhile, for more information also click


  1. I shall pop over now. How very very sad. I do not attempt to understand the politics, but it seems as though our lads are fighting an unwinnable war. Every time I hear of yet another death my heart sinks. Thanks for bringing this to our

  2. One of my friends lost her cousin in Afghanistan in January of this year, its heartbreaking when it happens so close to home. I am a rubbish knitter sowill have to pass but I am running a charity 10k in Sept to raise funds for the soldiers. Justine xx

  3. I have made a note of the website and will pop over for a look!
    A very worthy cause.

  4. What a great cause, I will have a look at that. Thank you for the idea about the nappy pouch it has given me something to think about. Also thanks for joining Crafty Sunday, I will add your link to the list..

  5. What a great cause. I will definitely check it out.
    Jenny x