Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Blustery Bank Holiday

With Dexter having the sick bug last week I was keen to have a traditional bank holiday day out on May Day. Being stuck at home all week drove me mad, I got truly fed up of being couped up and was in need of some fresh air to blow away the bugs. I started using it as a bit of a bribe by friday, "if you feel get better and start eating again we may go out on monday" then to Phoebe "if your'e good we may have a day out on monday " how bad is that but it works with my kids and they even egg each other on "dont do that or we wont get a day out" etc, also it builds the excitment which I love to see!

We didn't go far only 3 miles through the lanes in fact to a local farm park which despite being on our doorstep we've only been to once before. We all had a fab day and even dodged the showers but it was very blustery. The kids loved it, we did all the animal feeding, had a tractor ride,went for a walk in the bluebell woods, had a go on the play area, held animals and even milked a cow ! I wont bore you with all the kid picys but thought you may like to see some of the wonderful Herefordshire countryside thats right on my door step, oh and the one of Stanley the bull having the biggest wee I have ever seen !


  1. Now that is a wee ! Great photo , thankyou I needed a laugh .

  2. Well, that's an interesting photo. lol Definitely a classic. Kim :0

  3. hi there, lovely blog you have here! Great pic to be greeted with hahaha! Love it!
    BH x