Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Bit of Booty !

With the hubby needing to go into work I decided at the last minute (probably about 2 hours too late) to take the kids to the car boot on route to the park. To be honest we were too late getting there and with the weather being a bit hit and miss it wasn't great but we had a bit of a mooch about and all got something out of it.

Dexter was made up with his 2008 ! (bless) Power Rangers Annual and Superman pencil case. Phoebe just loves her REAL GLASS heart pendant necklace and mobile phone case (for her non working , hubbys old mobile). And I got these.........(complete with the old box)

On closer inspection at home I discovered that some were also complete with contents. Lotions ? potions ? poisons ? god knows but I've still got a head ache from the fumes.

Anyway a good clean and twice through the dishwasher (lets hope it wasn't too toxic and I've poisoned us) they now look like this. Sitting pretty on my conservatory shelf, with the red wall behind them they look great. And at £4.50 what a bargain !

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  1. That's a lovely display, what a great find.

    Beki xxx

  2. They look fab and as long as you don't all develop warts tomorrow, a great bargain.

  3. Love your selection of glass bottles - such interesting range of shapes/sizes/colours.

  4. Thanks for your comments, no warts and the smell is gradually fading thank goodness, but aren't they fab !