Sunday, 9 May 2010

Flowers & Followers

Its "Oohh Ahhh Fresh Flowers" time again in my kitchen, well they are actually a week old but I have waited until they are at their best before sharing them with you. I couldn't resist going back to lilys this week when I saw them for a bargain in Aldi at £3.49, well within my oohh ahh budget. However I was in for a big surprize, the label said "oriental lilys" which I have always known to have pink middles, so yellow was quite a shock ! I am a very pink girl but the colour doesn't bother me as they are fresh and summery and the smell is infectious.

Just wanted to take a minute to celebrate my latest followers and as I always do show a picture to resembles them. So welcome and thankyou to Sewn Up, Funky Monkey, Deb Thompson, Becki Marie, Emily Pickle and Blueberry Heart, I'll let you decide which style legs are most like yours ? I really do get excited by new followers as its great to know someone actually reads what I ramble on about. I also love it as it leads me to pop over to your blogs and have a mooch about and a good read and find loads more interesting blog people. So thankyou xxx

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  1. Hi Jo
    What a lovely post, the lills look gorrrgeous and I could almost smell them. Thanks for the mention, it really is a pleasure to be one of your followers. Now then "legs----tights"??? Well on the oddest of odd occasions when I do show my legs and odder than odd in tights then mine would look like the last ones...very gangly, wobbly and very nora-batty like! Hahahah this really did make me chuckle so thanks.
    just off to for a little nosey around your blog.
    Best regards
    Deborah {fondantkiss}

  2. Lovely photo of the flowers though lilies are not my favourite, but you're right they do look fresh.

  3. I love lillies, the fragrance is lovely, although I don't like it when the orange powder drops as it stains!

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