Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Blog Award

Well, well she's back! Yes I know its been nearly another month since I've been on here, I am becoming such a bad blogger. But I'm back with some lovely news.....I've been awarded The Liebster Blog Award!!!! What a lovely gesture from Angie at Artwork By Angie who has passed it on to me. Angie is fairly new to blogging but is doing a far better job than me and well deserves the award! She says my blog is " is a joyful place to be, guaranteed to make you smile! " well thats lovely just a shame I rarley blog to put those smiles on your face, sorry guys. I wont make the excuses this time because you've heard them all before but if I was to say life, tax return, orders, Fb, tweeting, kids..... you'll know where I'm coming from!

Thanks Angie x
So onto the good bit, who to pass it onto? I need to choose 4 that fit the criteria.......

it is given to crafty blogs which have less than 300 readers, to encourage more people to visit you and see your designs & makes, then you pass the award on to some more crafty blogs.

The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy Becki only just qualifys as she has 296 followers but I love her blog as it does exactly what it says on the tin. She rambles on about day to day happenings, her kids, her crafts, her writing and her often crazy life!
Me And Ma by Maria is a great read, its an even mix of her cratfs of which there are loads, the growing up of her 4 children and the news from the latest blog club she has joined. She also set up Crafty Sunday which I took part in.
The Patchwork Heart now Heather keeps me on my toes when it comes to blogging. She is a regular blogger bombarding us with her makes, her life as a teacher, her crafty hints & tips and she is always willing to share & give advice.
Sew Justine Sew does just that, in fact she never stops sewing! I love her for admitting she's a fabricaholic and for sharing her photos of her ever growing fabric stash. She enters every blog comp going I love it when she reveals the contents of the never ending parcels that come through her door!
So there you have it 4 blogs all worthy of a read & given the thumbs up from me xxx

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  1. Thanks for the mention Jo (on here & the one on fb) - I'm off to check out your blogs of choice now! x

  2. Congratulations on your award Jo, I know what you mean about life getting in the way! I try to blog about once a week, but is getting more and more difficult to squeeze in the time! Hope you are having a lovely wednesday :) jenny xxx

  3. Hi Jenny & thanks. just found your blog & become a follower, we seam to be stalking eachother fb, twitter now blogging no wonder we have no time!!!!

  4. Thank you for the award Jo, it is lovely of you to pass it on to me...

  5. Congratulations on winning your award! you deserve it! :) I enjoy reading your post's so no matter how busy you get, try not to stop blogging completely!!

    enjoy your day.

    Jade Xx

  6. Wow thanks Jo I am honoured to receive this from YOU!!!!!!! You have encouraged and inspired me with all your blogging and facebooking, even though we make different stuff we are wired the same way and I love your friendship! Now who do I pass this one onto .....
    Heather x

  7. Thank you very much Jo and what a lovely write up you gave Me :o)
    Will have to think who I'm going to pass it on to!
    Would love you to join in the swap!

    B xxx

  8. Congratulations! Such an honor and well deserved.