Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The 27 days of January

There's nothing I like more than a finding a bargain in the sales! I'm never one to queue at the Next sale at 5 am but I always have a mooch around whats left in January. Have done rather well so far this year with some gorgeous reductions on the Cath Kidston website.
So if I buy in the sales guess its only right that I sell in the sales........ and thats where 'The 27 Days of January' comes in!
Every day from today until the end of the month I will be putting a bargain up for grabs on my facebook page. Most will have at least 25% off the price so be sure to keep an eye out. Todays item has already sold but there are 26 more to come including the 13 in the photo!


  1. shame I don't have facebook - will have to borrow the kids!

  2. hi,
    could i be a cheeky so and so. i've been sewing some motto's to go on lavender hearts etc and wondered if you knew any that sold well! or any that may work well in fabric. thanks

  3. hi not cheeky at all, any home & lovey ones do well......Guess u need shortish ones if you are sewing them ??? If you google somthing like 'love quotations' there are websites full of them which may help, good luck x