Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sewers Watch Out, Lol x

Happy New Year guys!!!
Sorry I've not been on here much lately but I'm back and starting the year as I mean to go on with regular posts.......

As a teenager I tried my hand at sewing with my dear Nan and although I had a great interest in the finished article by my patience levels to reach the end result was never quite enough. I did what you call potter with sewing and even had a machine for my 18th birthday, but nothing really changed regarding my skills.....straight lines, flat seams, even stitching & consistent tension just wasn't me. I still have my old machine and it has travelled around with me from house to house often going straight from removal van into garage!
Well that was 2o years ago before I watched the episode of Kirsty's Homemade Home with 'free style machine embroidery'. I was amassed by it, scribbling on fabric, doodling with thread, make it up as you go along, messy means effective......this was right up my street!!!! So I began dropping hints to hubby about having one for Christmas.
Well lucky me he took the hint & bought me a rather nice & expensive Husqvarna one! It still makes me chuckle that he settled on this brand as they also make chainsaws so he figured they had good motors!! lol.
Anyway today armed with my Poppy Treffry book I had a play. In typical Jo style I flicked through the instructions, had a very quick practice, didn't really understand the tension bit but just went for it. To be more daring I took the foot off, dropped the feed dogs & doodled away.

Having mastered a heart shape I got on with a flower then AAAAHHHHHH a loud noise, a juddering and a massive jam of thread. The front looked kind of ok but this was the result on the reverse, oh dear.

But I dont give up.......2 broken needles later and needing to unscrew the plate to cut out an even larger jam of thread I produced this little house. Its only a start, its not finished & its far from perfect but I've had great fun!!!!

Think painting will remain my forte but you never know..... practice makes perfect! xxx
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  1. I thought I was the only one that jammed the plate up like that - I know more about how to take my machine apart and detangle it than I ever will about sewing! welcome to the club - your little house looks promising - don't give up. Betty

  2. looks cool Jo. Did you use an embroidery hoop or just ordid you just do it on the th greeceproof paper and then tear it way? Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more of your doodes!

  3. congratulations! try without the paper I dont use it! remember Im here if you need help!
    H x

  4. thanks guys, your praise has given me a boost, no hoop Bek just did it! could the paper be my problem Heather as didn't use it for the house & the jams were much less, will keep playing....

  5. Your little house is lovely Jo, your post did make me laugh be careful if you have taken the foot off !!

  6. They are much better than my first attempt which I tried yesterday!! Love all your products and am trying to work out how you manage to find the time. I am making (very slow) steps towards selling my handmade cards, but a 7 month and 3 year old seem to be taking up all the hours in the day!

  7. I don't use a hoop or paper either Jo, way too much trouble! hehe. Machines can totally have minds of their own can't they, mine today was really playing up, seemed to be whizzing along at double speed for some reason! Keep going with the sewing, you will be addicted before too long:) jenny xx p.s do you have a 'free machine embroidery foot'? they're not expensive but make the WORLD of difference and much less dangerous than no foot at all;) maybe look into getting one if not already! x

  8. Great post! I thought I was the only one with broken needless, bleeding fingerss (until i bought - as Jenny suggests - free machine embroidery foot). The back of my pictures did not look great (almost exactly like yours) but I am getting there! good luck and BTW i love the book x