Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How Do You Display Yours ?

I have been playing around a bit lately with new ways of displaying my stock. Its funny what you see on your travels or find laying around that makes you go oohh, that would do for that ? I have quite a large display in the shop I run, it is made up of an old table, fruit crates, a plank of wood, an old cutlery tray and an array of baskets. My cutlery tray is great, I have recently moved some pegs into it that were in basket & they are now flying out!

I am also discovering that certain things look great visually yet they mean the customer darn't touch the item. Some customers like to have a rummage, some like to see a price label so they dont need to turn the product over & some like to be served. I am now adding more & more little brown luggage labels with prices so they can see whats what without the need to ask.

I went on the move twice this last week & had great fun creating washing lines on my stalls !!!

This weeks find in my garage was an old baguette board. I've had it years & I used it about twice when we first got married & had friends round for bbq's ! It was perfect for displaying soaps on today, I think after this weeks fayre I may add it to my display at the shop for my mini plaques or trinket boxes ?

Its all a learning curve but I love it, the challenge of how to get the most out of a product is just great, I remember as a kid wanting to be a window dresser.....guess my dream is being lived except its with bits of random dotty wood !

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  1. i have to say all your displays would entice me into look!

  2. wow, your displays are gorgeous, such clever use of props, I can't stop changing mine every single time! x

  3. Love your displays!!! Inspiration & display ideas for us all!
    Have a great weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  4. a good label adds value to what you are selling and makes the item look more professional too! I have found customers wanting a gift like labels! Your stall looks very inviting!
    Heather x