Sunday, 22 January 2012

One Week at A Time!

Having flown round like a headless chicken during November & December I decided to start the year in a little more organised & structured way. With orders, Christmas shopping, school plays, concerts, hubby's 40th birthday & loosing our poorly dog Libby there were times before Christmas when I didn't know which way to turn.
I decided that had to change (at least for a while) in 2012. One really important aspect of Muddy Puddle is that it fits in around my children & family life. Knowing that half term & my daughters 8th birthday will be here before I even get used to writing 2012 I made a plan......

Week I - 9th - design, suss & make Valentines stock
Week 2 - 16th - design, suss & make a start on Mothers Day stock
Week 3 - 23rd - TAX RETURN from start to finish, with no excuses (boo) THEN start work on Owl Murals that I am doing during 6 afternoons over the next 3 weeks at my kids school

Well I've impressed myself (so far so good)...............taaaaa daaaaa!!!!

3 new designs added this year

3 card designs made, put in the shop & listed on the website!

Mothers Day Design 1

Mothers Day Design 2

Mothers Day Design 3

So onto this week....boring paperwork looms, booooooo, wish me luck :(


  1. Hey lady, I empathise completely with this post - the run up to Christmas was complete madness for me also, so I've been trying to get a little more organised too...I've got a top tip for you regarding controlling the stock on your website. Thanks to working with Daisy Mooo on their website, I've discovered and have a look Jo. It took me a little while to reorganise my stock, but once its done it made it so much easier, plus its created a shopping cart on my site, which means its easier for my customers to multi buy on one payment. I wish I'd known about it from the start as I would have immediately set mine up this way and would have advised you to do the same on yours. Here's the link anyhow, see what you think:

    Good luck with all the dreaded paperwork...I find a large glass of wine, or a January sale purchase as a reward for doing it helps! ;-) xxxx

  2. cheers me dears! just had a quick peek but cant get distracted yet or the tax man will be after me! I'll look in more detail & maybe slot 'website updating' into week 5's plan as next week is sussed in my mind already! x