Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Valentines Gift From Heaven!

When I came down stairs on Valentines Day to find my hubby had left a little pile of pressies on the kitchen table I have to say I was surprised & flattered (a card would be pushing it some years!)

But when I got down to the opening that emotion turned to shock and elation, just look at this book......Orla Kiely, Pattern....... I say a book, its more than a book, its like a huge encyclopedia of beautifulness on every level.

The cover is a tactile texture, the pages are thick, smooth & glossy and the content, well I'll still be oohhing over the content in 10 years or so.

Stunning photography....

Perfect layout.....

and pure pattern every step of the way....

So I had a challenge on my hands having received a gift like that......I had planned on cooking a nice meal after the kids had gone to bed but I figured I'd best go the extra mile and add some little extra touches as my way of saying thank you.

Having consulted my 8 year old daughter we embarked on our mission (which she thought was great!). First she made a menu, then picked snowdrops from the garden, then helped me with the table.

(all this was hidden from view when he returned from work)

Then whilst he was in the shower she picked his clothes (with a little help from me swaying her off the idea of a tie!) and laid the menu & clothes out on the bed. I in the maentime created the table and began on the food.

The menu was...
Pate with Cheese Boule Toast
Cannelloni with Tomato & Mozzarella Salad
Chocolate Cheese Cake, Strawberries & Cream & A HEART SPARKLER!!

The whole thing went down very well and making that extra special effort even after 22 years together was well worth it xxx


  1. wow jo what a lucky lady you were! my hubby had to rush to sainsburys at 7pm and he brought me a mug and a card lol!

    much love rach xx

  2. Awwwww that is so nice! Your meal was lovely and P so cute! But what an amazing husband!!! We will await new muddy puddle creations in other patterns now!
    Heather x

  3. Wow was a great gift, and your dinner looks amazing :)