Sunday, 12 February 2012

Spotty Birthday

My Daughter turns 8 this week and today was her little party. She was very specific with what she wanted and it was all very sophisticated & grown up. A friend of mine has a Pampering business & came round to pamper her & 4 friends. It was all very nice, so pink, so girly & so glittery. At times I was a little sad as I feel the days of a class full running round like nutters, doing pass the parcel & insisting on themed paper plates may be behind us.

She wanted the cakes to be pink, blue, spotty, girly & have hearts galore!

We had great fun making made lolly butterfly's for the party bags, an idea I got from Pinterest

She wanted 8 cup cakes rather than a big cake (that one will be on her actual birthday) so her friends could each take one home.

The pampering went down very well & she has gone to bed very glittery, very curly & very happy!

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  1. a lovely party and I bet you had great fun Jo organising those spotty cakes!
    Heather x

  2. Gosh, Phoebe's growing up fast...that last picture, with her hair all curly reminds me of another young lady I went to Sandy Bay with many years ago ;-)...nice to see Jenny's worked her magic again...its a shame she lives so far away, I think I'll be needing her services in a couple of years time! xx

  3. I was in my element with the cake Heather, I hate the baking part but love the decorating bit!
    Mrs S....Sandy Bay, now stop it you are making me feel very old! x

  4. Just to let you know I have just nominated you for an award on my blog in my latest post.
    Maria x

  5. Ooh, Dinky Dots thank you off fotr a look .....x