Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dotty Followers

(All Available on Joy)

I've had a little influx of new 'Followers' just lately and I wanted to just take a minute to say.....

 Hi, Welcome & Thanks for Staying x

I'm sure some of you out there have a vision that I dress head to toe in Polka dots, I have to say I've thought about it.....but other than a few Dotty Scarves and a Polka Dot Sun Dress thats it.

I often think of you all too.... I doubt very much there's 180 Spotty Dressed Followers out there but I can dream! 

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  1. I'm actually reading this while wearing a lovely pink fleecey spotty dressing gown!!! Perfect! :o)
    Maria x

  2. Ha! Maria thats put a smile on my face how many more spotty followers are out there I wonder? and I too have a spotty dressing gown, forgot that one!