Saturday, 25 September 2010

Where Did the Summer Go ?

It occurred to me today whilst flicking through my photos that I have yet to share my snaps of France with you. I went in August and have been back for nearly a month so with Autumn banging on the door thought I'd best get on with it !

You may be aware that my parents live there so I go quite frequently, they retired there 4 years ago and not long after my brother & his family joined them. They are all very settled with the kids (age 13, 11, 7 & 4) all fluent, my brother & sister in law sorted work wise & my parents enjoying their retirement in stunning chilled out surroundings. They live in the Languedoc region, about an hour south of Toulouse, an hour from the med and views of the Pyrennees from the house. Their nearest big towns are Carcassonne & Mirpoix, despite being to both of them probably 15 times in the last 4 years a visit wouldn't be a visit with out a trip to the famous Mirpoix Monday Market and the Medieval Cite of Carcassonne.

I took loads of pics this time but have just collaged my favourite ones for you.........

A day at the lake with the Pyrenees in the background !

The vines & melon fields that surround the house & are literally at the bottom of the garden. They pick the melons each night & we often popped to see the man (the village mayor in fact) to buy 4 for 5 euros freshly cut, bargain !
The wares on offer at the market, no I didn't try the mussels & yes I wish I had room for a basket in my suitcase x

Inside the Medieval Cite of Carcassonne.
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  1. I have visited Carcassonne a couple of times, as my inlaws live in St Cyprien, I love it round that region. One of my favourite place is Collioure, have you been there?
    Bless your lovely post has made me what to go to visit them...Em xxx

  2. Lovely pics. How wonderful to have family there to visit.