Friday, 10 September 2010

Back by Popular Demand.....

For those of you who have followed me from the start on here & on facebook my profile picture has remained the same 'dotty chunky hearts'. Despite all the progress I've made and all the new products I create I dont think I will never change it. You see these cute little things are dear to my heart............

Way back when when I started Muddy Puddle Crafts I had quite a small product range and was always on the look out for new ideas and new blanks to paint. On a trip to Hobby Craft I found 2 bags of blank papier mache hearts stuck in the back of a bargain bin so I bought them. After a bit of paint, some dotting, some varnish and some ribbon they were transformed into 'chunky hearts'. For weeks on end they travelled around with me from craft fair to craft fair and always cheered up my stall ! They sat in baskets, hung across my stall on a washing line and were dotted here there & everywhere. Gradually I sold them all and was gutted when I only had one left and couldn't get any more.

Then last month on holiday in France I went to the French version of Hobby Craft & found some very similar ones but in wooden !!! They were the same size, just perfect. But I had the same quantity problem, they only had 10. Of course I bought the lot and with a lot of thinking I've chosen my 10 favorite colour combinations............

Lime & Fuchsia because its so me, and the best combination EVER !
Red & Fuchsia because I just love the cheery clash it creates !

Baby Pink & White because its as pure as a new born baby !
Fuchsia & White because every little girl is just MAD about pink !

Baby Pink & Brown because it makes pink grown up & Sophisticatd !
Duck Blue & Brown because it reminds me of the seaside - sea, sand & driftwood !

Fuchsia & Aqua as its become my little girls favorite colours !
Aqua & Red because its just soooo Cath Kidston !

Purple & Pink because purple lovers do exist & I hate purple & lilac !
Yellow & Purple because they are the wackiest combination of complimentary colours !

These 10 limited edition little hearts are available to buy for £4.50 each plus 75p p&
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  1. me me me please!! Is the turquoise with red spots still available 'cos I need it. Really, I do!! Let me know!

  2. Thanks all, will put the turq & red to one side for u Justine & be in touch x

  3. Very pretty - don't you just love the craft shows in France. They seem to have so many lovely bits and pieces that I don't see over here..x

  4. all the colour combo's!
    Clare x :-)