Saturday, 4 September 2010

Wedding Commission...Job Done !

Firstly hello & welcome to my new followers, thanks for choosing to join me ! Secondly sorry to you all for not being around lately but the summer holidays have been manic ! During the last 6 weeks we have managed to pack in a weekend in Yorkshire at a family wedding, a week in Spain, numerous play dates & sleepovers and 10 days at my parents in France. Just keeping on top of life in general & the odd order has been time consuming enough so blogging had to go out the window. With only a day left til the kids go back to school thought I'd best make the time for a quick post.

Remember the sample letter I did for a wedding commission ? well I got the order and 11 letters later the order is complete. The brief was 'free standing letters spelling out Just Married in lilac, white, purple & Scottish heather'. I have mixed decoupage with my signature polka dots and I couldn't let an order go out without a heart on it so snuck a little one on the J and M. When laid out it is about 2 metres long so it should make a real statement at the reception

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  1. Wow, this is stunning! Such a great idea. I'm sure it will make the wedding even more special for the bride and groom. Beautiful design.

  2. This is beautiful it will make the wedding party!
    Heather x

  3. Wow that is fabulous, very impressive, lucky Bride and Groom!

  4. its GORGEOUS! I love it! They'll be thrilled for sure :-)
    BH x

  5. They look totally fantastic !