Monday, 6 September 2010

Crafty Sunday on Monday !

As far as Muddy Puddle goes I am rushed off my feet at the moment, catching up, making orders, re stocking the shop, playing with new ideas & thinking Christmas. I am bit all over the place with a lot of half finished products that I hope will eventually come together so I can resume some sort of order ! There's nothing really of any substance to share this week so thought I'd share a more personal project with you......'scrap booking'

Cant remember if I've mentioned in the past I have been asked to compile a scrap book about my time (the last 6 years) as a mum at the local family centre I attend. The HOPE Family centre is where me & the kids have hung out for the last 6 years at various toddler groups, both my 2 went through pre school there and I have done many courses. Its a great place where both me & the kids have made some great friendships & I too have learnt new skills. Over the years while the kids were in creche I have done courses in sign language, spanish, gardening & web design to name but a few. The centre really impacts on family's lives and of course recently with The HOPE Emporium craft shop opening it has helped launch my craft business.

So I was given an old hardback book, told to rip out some pages, get out the glue & go for it !

I love the faded burgundy cover so much I have left most of it visible and personalised it with of course polka dots ! As the pages area bit battered I needed a way the strengthen the book for page turning so I have gone ribbon mad !

I have stuck, torn, written, drawn, collaged, painted, printed, its just great fun !

Align Centre

I have also been lent the cutest box of stamps which I am going mad with ! I am so excited by them I'm off on Amazon later to treat myself to my own set !

Its great fun and as well as my creative brain working overtime my writing brain has kicked in and there's no stopping me. Jotting down thoughts on such busy colourful pages is really helping me put pen to paper.
I am already thinking about doing another one when I have finished this one and would recommend all you creative types to try it !!!

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  1. Your journal looks great Jo, I have those stamps and use them all the time..p.s. glad I am not the only one who does crafty Sunday on a Monday !..:)

  2. A great take on art journalling!
    I love doing stuff like this, it really gets the creative juices flowing.

    B xxx

    p.s love the look of those stamps x

  3. Hi Jo, thanks for the comment on my blog. How lucky are your parents..and you to have such a lovely place to visit. It was our first time staying in France, but we will go back. It was great.
    Love your scrap book. What a great idea. I have those stamps too. My daughter bought them for me to print on fabric.

  4. Very creative! Its so pretty and colourful, a really nice way of documenting your time at hope.
    The stamps look great too! :-) x