Monday, 13 September 2010

Oohh Aahh Fresh Flowers (is back)

You may remember my quest some time ago to always keep fresh flowers in my newly refurbished kitchen.....I set myself a modest budget that wouldn't break the bank of around £3, decided to buy from random supermarkets and agreed to share them with you ! When I was a good blogger I would regulary share what was brightening up our home.....well our summer has been sooooo busy with so much time away we have had more jugs of "Uurr Dead Flowers" than "Oohh Aahh Fresh Flowers".

Well my quest is back on track as of this week....I have broken the rules already....but there is good reason.

My husband is currently working in America & has been away for nearly 3 weeks. I came home the other day to find this gorgeous bouquet had been delivered from him !!! It looked great then but as the days have gone by its got better & better, the smell is un believable and the pink lily's are really something. Hope you can smell them through your monitor ?

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  1. Nice Lily's! I just bought some pink ones from a van at the side of the road!! They've not opened yet...I hope they look as lovely as yours Jo!

  2. Hi Jo
    They look gorgeous! Beautiful photos I can almost imagine what they smell like (even with a cold). Love Em x

  3. What beautiful flowers, and a wonderful husband, hope you are not missing him too much. Amanda.....x

  4. Lucky you! Enjoy having him back, brings back fond memories as my husband is American and we spent 2 years apart when we were courting!
    Heather x