Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thankyou All its Means Alot !

Well its not just the sun making me smile, I have had my first award passed on from Sarah at Blueberry Patch this means so much as its my first one :) Thanks Sarah you really deserved it too thanks for passing it on, it will look great at the top of my page.

Thanks and welcome to all my new followers who are represented in the pic below. Great to find you popping up on my blog this week and thanks for all your comments. Welcome Sarah, Mummy Boo Bear, Moody Cow Designs, Justine, Emma, Michelle, Vintage Bettys, Beautiful Dee's and Wendy Mcqueen. I'll let you decide which one of the nine you are in the picture !!

Too tired tonight to engage my brain into passing on the award but will sort it in the next few days, I have so much to read and so much to check out, all very exciting.

ttfn Jo x