Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Cath K Influence

It occurred to me yesterday whilst pegging out my white wash (well whitey, pinky, bluey) that my 6 yr old daughter has caught Cath fever! After watching me paint polka dots and decoupage Cath Kidston papers and grow my Cath mug collection she has become a fan.

This time last year she would have chosen a rather bold collection of clothes branding all sorts of graphic images and text. High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Seaquins, Glitter prints, 80's influences and denim would have been high on her list and she would have been twisting my arm to let her own the lot. She did twist my arm on some of it and she wears what fits her but as for new things she is in the shabby, pretty, english rose zone.

This Easter hols we did a food shop in Asda and Sainsburys so I picked her up a few bits, I was amazed what she chose. The knickers on the line are a 5 pack from Asda forget the Disney ones she chose pretty, the rose pj's are also Asda (£6 I think what a bargain) and she thinks they are real Cath Kidston! Then in Sainsburys I got her 2 cheap £4 t shirts for playing in the garden, it had to be english rose and polka dots. The detailing on these lets face it cheap clothes are un real. The neck of each is even lined in a contrasting fabric making the shabby influence even stronger. The Joules t shirt was a birthday pressie, I only wish it was mine, again great detailing under the collar and the matching buttons.

Back to my opening comment a "white wash" god I sound like my mum does anyone still do a white wash? I dont as I said I do pinky, bluey, white ones. I remember my mum doing a boil wash and a line of crisp white bedding, tea towels and undies. Dont think that really happens does it ? Nearly everything is so colourful these days ?Do people still have pure white undies drawers ? Sorry I'm rambling so best stop but please let me know your thoughts .


  1. Hooray, I can leave a comment at last! Glad you got that sorted!
    What good taste your daughter has, I suppose they all go through the HSM phase! Just waiting for my boys to decide they want a football strip - the day will come I'm certain!
    As for whites, they never stay white for long in this house!

  2. Yes - I do a white wash (well it's more grey but with 3x white shirts for school every day by Friday I have a huge pile! I try to soak them overnight in oxy-white prior to washing but they still look grubby to me. Love your daughters choice in clothes. I have one lot of pretties and two football kit wearers!xx

  3. I do a weekly white wash too - husbands work shirts and the school uniform shirts for my two.
    Pretty clothes your daughter has - much nicer than High School Musial!

  4. I always think the line of white washing sounds romantic, but years ago just damned hard work, red hands and worse ironing without electric. Give me colours and easy washing any day.

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comment ( i dont get that many!) 'Oh' how i wish my life was as pink and flowery as your blog!! Sandy X

  6. Your daughter has some very pretty clothes!

    I do a white wash usually at the end of the week with all those school t-shirts and DH's work shirts! But they never seem to stay white for long!

    MBB x

  7. What a lovely looking washing line..x