Thursday, 29 April 2010

So We Got the BUG ! great

What a week........... my son Dexter has had a sick bug, great !

It came for a night, it went for a day, it came back for 12 hours, now fingers crossed its gone ?

My week has been........nursing, cuddling, cleaning, washing, nursing, cuddling, cleaning etc etc

I've washed my hands so many times they are like sand paper (ouch !)

I've sprayed the entire house with anti bac 20 times a day ( just to be sure x)

I've used a whole can of air freshener trying to get rid of the smell (am I paranoid ?)

The poor washing machine has never seen so much action (how un environmental)

The only consolation has been I've found time to do some making !!!!!!!!!!!

A coat of paint and some cuddles..........A coat of paint and hang the washing out..........A coat of paint and more cuddles..........a coat of paint and watch a film..........a coat of paint and clean.......etc

The result 6 stars, 7 hearts and 2 name plaques nearly complete !!!!!!!!!

Will give you the finished items soon, hope you dont catch it xxx

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