Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oooh Ahhh Fresh Flowers Part 3

My quest for a kitchen with fresh flowers continues. The lilys lasted nearly 2 weeks and the scent was so strong it will be really missed. Popped to Co-Op for milk and spotted these. So pink, so green, so ME! Against my pea soup green walls they look so vivid, I just love them!!!

So sticking to my £3ish budget we have...... Chrysanthemums from Co-op for £3.00.


  1. What pretty colours! I've just got rid of my lily's - the scent lasted for ages. Tulips have taken over right now!

  2. What a cute cute blog I am so glad I found you, such talent. I really have enjoyed your blog, I'll be back, you are an inspiration to me thank's.
    Love ya,Debbie