Monday, 8 March 2010

Help ! What do you Make for Royalty ?

Hi all, I'm in a bit of a do today, with the kids at nursery and school its my making day but I cant get going........what can I make to give a Royal and her children ?
The charity that own the craft shop I run are having a royal visit next week from HRH The Countess of Wessex (sophie) and I am on the list of people to meet her. She is coming to the charirtys childrens centre (H.O.P.E Family Centre) to meet and find out more about what they do.
The HOPE Emporium shop I run will be on the list of things to tell her about and I have been asked along with another maker to produce a small gift for her and her children Princess Louise (7) & Prince James (3).

I am thinking a brooch, a trinket box or pretty pegs for her ? what do you think, cant exactly give her somthing for the home can I like fridge magnets or a quirky plaque !

My daughter is 6 and has one of my necklaces and so do her friends, so I'm thinking this for Princess Louise. Will make it a little less funky and more pale and pretty I think. I think of princesses in pinks whites and blues not like my colourful daughter in spots, stripes and clashing colours !

My son is also 3 and loves his little wooden hairbrush. I originally made them for girls but he insisted on me making a boy version or letting him brush his hair everyday with a flower one ! I have this boys one left in the shop and am thinking Prince James its also in very apt union jack colours ?

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  1. Doesn't matter what you decide to give they will love it! I have seen your stuff so know how beautiful it is.

  2. How did the visit from Royalty go?

  3. Hi Sadie, really well, she was lovely and so normal, very down to earth, chatty and human. Jane and I only had a minute or so with her at the end and presented her with the gifts