Sunday, 28 March 2010

Easter Tree

With a week to go and the sun shining (a bit) we decided to do our Easter Tree today. Me and the kids cut down a branch and brought it inside. As usual it looked small in the garden but once inside it was huge and we clearly needed a few more decorations. So begged by the kids I got out my craft bits and nicked some felt flowers from my daughters sewing kit and we got making. My 3 year old son was bored after 10 mins and only wanted to make green things but me and Phoebe has a great time. A bit of ribbon, some beads and the felt flowers and "voilĂ " 5 new decorations. We added them to my chick eggs made last year, my painted and collage eggs and the kids' tat' and it looked lovely. A fresh, bright, up lifting spring feeling is now in the house, just a shame they are forecasting SNOW this week !

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