Monday, 5 October 2009

Here Goes The Launch of My Blog !

Wow am I really blogging ? not convinced myself !

Hello all,

I have been told a lot lately that blogs are the new websites and I MUST have one. All very well in theory but as far as I am concerned not very easy in practice. Having failed miserably on a 10 week web design course I had written myself off as a techie and had resigned myself to never having a blog or website. I have thought it would be easier to just pay someone to set up both things and any other techie things that are out there on the net but but that would be giving up and wasting my profits so I have been brave and persevered.

To be honest I am not really sure what a blog is but I will soon learn and hopefully one of you out there will enjoy it. I have had fun tonight making my page look pretty and pink and am quite amazed its worked. All I need to do next is think of things to post.................................. ?

Too tired to think tonight but as my friends and family are forever telling me I talk to much I'm sure It wont be a problem !

Watch this space xxx

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