Friday, 9 October 2009

Scripts Words Arrive

Today the new script words I ordered have arrived safe and sound. I am really pleased, really good quality, nice and thick and nice and smooth ready to paint. I did some of these once before but in their raw state they were pretty poor and I had to sand them before painting which took ages. They were also really flimsy ply and a few actually broke. You can never tell what you'll get when you order off the net guess thats the chance you take.

In the past I focused on scripts for kids bedrooms, smile, angel, princess etc and they all sold but I am going with grown ups now, duck blue & white for the bathe, red & white for home and bake and pea green & cream for cook. The others are for christmas decs which I will focus on in a few weeks. The pea green is because I have just done my kitchen green, a fab pea soup colour which took me ages to find after trawling tester pots from all the manufacturers, then I found 'churlish green' by Farrow & Ball, just perfect.

Taking of my new kitchen (which still isnt completely finished) its been having the finishing touches treatment. Thats me all over when it comes to re decorating I have the final image in my mind from the start, I buy the nick nacs and know exactly what is going where and am really impatient. When its nearly done I get all the bits in place and I am happy even if there is still a bit of touching up to do. I have recently stood some printing blocks on my cooker hood and they look great ! I have had them since May Bank holiday weekend when I went camping to Ross on Wye and had a trip to 'Baileys'. What an amazing place ! I could spend all day there, its one of those shops that sells all those things you have aaaaal...ways wanted ! as well as loads of other things you love but just dont know what you'll do with them but you buy them anyway. check out their website or even better go there if you are in Herefordshire. Heres some pics to tempt you ...........

And finally those gorgeous printing blocks adding the finishing touches to my kitchen

ttfn xxx

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