Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Busy Bee Day

Had a really productive making day today considering I have had Dexter my 3 year old with me today. I normally don't get much done in the way of making when he is around and tend to leave it to days when he is at nursery. But not today we have achieved a Stay and Play toddler session, a bit of making, a bit of housework and even cooked at roast, now that what you call multi tasking !

I have a few orders to make asap and a handful of other things I need to get made to replace what I have sold recently to get my stock levels back up. I have been kind of putting it off because making new things is far more exciting ! I really want to be thinking new products, Christmas products and Christmas decorations but cant until these bits are done and dusted. The thing with bits is its time consuming, I find I work far quicker making lots of the same item or the same colour. But anyway today I have made a serious good start at getting it done.

If all goes to plan I should be putting these bits behind me and thinking exciting stuff by the end of the week ! so watch this space xxx

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