Monday, 14 March 2011

Finishing Touches!

We are in the process of putting our house on the market and I am having a ball! I know it wont last for long as soon the stress of viewings & fees & finance will set in but until then I'm having fun. I've put my Kirsty & Phil hat on & mixed in a bit of 'Changing Rooms' and am busy pottering from room to room adding little somethings to catch the eye of a buyer We are nearly there with the boring bits like filling in holes, tidying, de cluttering & re painting & now its finishing touches time. I am loving it, think I could actually do this as a job, maybe I should call up Lawrence and re invent Changing Rooms as Muddy Puddle Makeovers?
The downstairs loo now has a 'garden' theme going on......pretty bunting, a new room spray & tissue box, a new soap dispenser and a heart (courtesy of Oh Sew Lovelys Giveaway). The bathroom gets a Cath bar of soap that I had for Christmas & cant bear to open!

The hall now has a dinky oak table I found in a local junk shop and the plaque I made at ceramics class looks fab by the back door. I have made a feature of one of my hand bags rather than chucking it in the corner of my bedroom and the lounge gets a rug to cover the tired carpet (courtesy of John Lewis vouchers we had as a Christmas gift)
The driveway now has 3 little pots hanging on the garage to greet you, as does the front door. The conservatory has been treated to not only a new plant but a free pot too and the kitchen window sill now has a jasmine hoop which is just showing signs of flowering!
Hope it all helps, just need the fresh flowers on viewing days and hey presto, buyers I'm ready for you!
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  1. Looks lovely-I think you should stay! :-)

  2. Can I buy your house please!! Looks lovely! :O)

  3. Looks beautiful - wouldn't mind a viewing myself! the best selling point though is the fabulous view from the kitchen - not overlooked, countryside, fields - space - don't forget to mention that as it would be an instant sale for me! Betty

  4. It all looks lovely Jo, I really like your house plaque, gorgeous. I hope that you get lots of viewers...