Saturday, 26 March 2011

Are Flowers & Chocolate Really Enough?

With Mothering Sunday a week away and Easter Sunday just 3 weeks later I've been a busy bee lately running up some pretty hand painted goodies.
What do you normally give on Mothers Day?
Flowers? Lunch at the Pub? Smellies?
A plant and smellies are what I remember from my childhood. Dad would take my brother and I to town for a potted chrysanth from the fruit & veg shop and some talc & bubble bath from M&S! He normally gave mum the plant & my brother & I fought over the smellies!
Times seem to have changed, even Tesco had half an isle of what I can only call 'Tat' I noticed today. Basically anything mass produced that they could stick mum on was displayed along side the cards. Its a shame really because to me Mothers Day is time to give a well thought out little something that comes from the heart. The card you made at school with normally a daffodil on meant so much!
Then there's Easter, what does it mean to you?
Religion? Chocolate? Family Time? 2 Days off?
As a fairly non religious family it wasn't about going to Church for us. However looking back we did things quite traditionally. Fish was always for tea on Good Friday, we baked Easter Biscuits with Mum and she always made a Simnel Cake (which the kids refused to eat).
We also had a big family lunch not far off the scale of Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings & a special Chocolate themed desert.
I of course remember the eggs, but when I was little they were huge and I didn't get that many. Maybe 4, from M&D, grandparents and Auntie's.
How times change, it seems all its about now is eggs and how many you get
3 for 2 here, 3 for £5 there and only £1 everywhere.
Whats that all about? yes of course I buy them for my kids but only 1 £1 one and some mini ones to have a hunt.
What do you do to celebrate it? We also do an Easter Tree, buy the kids a decoration, make nest cakes, do some kind of craft activity and have some good old family fun.

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  1. I remember Easter eggs in egg cups or mugs every year. Christmas is the big celebration in our house, followed by birthdays otherwise we don't bother. I like the chicks.

  2. Oh your products are gorgeous ,I'm going to have a look now at your goodies on Folksy . I'm an avid collector of any thing shaby chic !

    Warm regards ,Kim