Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Gingham or A Gold Christmas?

For those of you who know my 2011 Christams Collection you will be familliar with my Block Tree Decoration in greens & reds. These colours are very me and sum up everything christmas and are just the done thing at this time of year in my house. Wheteher it's buying paper & cards, wrapping presents, decorating the house, icing the cake or laying the table the theme in my house is a very traditional red, green & white. I struggle to get my head round purple at Christmas and find gold & Silver a bit old fashiomned & dare I say naff? I also dont do tinsel on my main tree, is that just being a spoil sport or are you with me?

When I was asked to make a Block Tree in Calamine, Cream, Gold & Black I was a little scared! It was explained to me how its resting place would be the contemporary & trendy flat of young couple. I was told about the black sofa, the stripped oak floors, the calamine walls & the cream accents and it all made sense. Working with such lack of colour and pizaz was really not me. However at the end I actually could invisage it in its minimal surroundings and was really pleased with it.

So what look are you, does your house have a theme?

I doubt you have a red & white santa made out of a log (by my daughter aged 3) but does the big red & white man put in an appearence in your home?

The look of these snowmen at the German Christmas Market make me feel all fussy inside & I wish I had a display full of them. And the minute I do my red & white fireplace I'm in the Christmas mood!

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Now I associate garlands on fireplaces like this with the 80's and garden centres. Its someting that I'm sure looks ok in some modern houses but in my cottage above the wood burner, on the cast iron mantle? now thats just not right.

My red & white tree just about has room for this gold & lace angel me & the kids made at school last year but her wings are the nearest we get to tinsel on our tree.

Then there's this lantern, created by my daughter at school this year. Now you've gotta love kids & glitter creations but this really doesn't appeal to me, black for Christmas?

So how about you?


  1. I'm hoping this year will be the last Christmas before having our own place, but I can't help but think sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles are the way forward!! Silver, gold, red, green... the lot :D I'm a big Christmas person and can't wait for that first Christmas where I dec my own tree and all that jazz! I'm all excited now :)

  2. For me christmas is Red and White with a tiny amount of bright green! Although have just bought a stack of black baubles for next year in a pre christmas sale and was thinking black and red, or black and silver, or black and white? I'm still thinking!
    Anyway have a great christmas