Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Too Busy To Blog, But I'm Back !

Well, well, well I hear you say......muddy puddle who? ..........where's she been ?

Ok lets get the grovel out the way first, I cant quite believe I've gone from doing a good few posts a week to this sad state of affairs nearly one post a month. Apologies to any of you who have missed me and even bigger apologies to all of your blogging I've ignored but I have just been 'too busy to blog'. An extra special sorry must go to Maria at Me & Ma for me not making Crafty Sunday for the last 3 weeks I do intend to come back x

So then onto the month of July, its been a busy one for me on all levels. When I looked at the calender in about June I could see all the family plans filling up the empty boxes but wasn't quite expecting being busy with work as well. I've so much to tell you dont really know where to start and doubt I'll get it in the right order so bear with me..........

The start of the month was Gala time here in Bromyard, a local agricultural show with all the other trimmings thrown in. Its on for a weekend just up the road and we go every year, it becomes a bit monotonous as its all the same stuff but it just has to be done ! There are animals, tractors, classic cars etc, food, an arena full of events, tat stalls, a fun fair etc etc. All the local schools enter the various classes which this year involved my 6 yr old making a dinosaur from recycled materials. We enjoyed a great family day out which was topped off with Phoebe winning second place!!!guess she must have my creative bug.

On the work front I have hit a few first international order was a biggy and being contacted by a shop who wanted to stock my products was another !!! I was contacted by a friend of my sister in law via facebook in Australia. She ordered a memory box as a baby gift that I made & sent on her behalf.

I took the shop up on their offer and am really chuffed to be selling my things in The Butterfly Rooms, in Saltaire. Its a beautiful looking shop only wish it was nearer so I could see it for real, do have a mooch around there website.

I had a few special orders in the early part of the month one was a for a little girls first birthday, which was fine but it came with a special hearts... Aahh. I soon realised my range was far too hearty so tried my hand to flowers, really pleased with the result and already have an order for more !

Do you remember my sample letter for the Scottish Heather themed wedding ? well I got the order so now have til the end of August to paint this little lot the same !

Phew, what else has happened......if you're still with me thanks, there's more.........

On a family level its been full on for the whole month....School had an open day, a sports day, a production of Hansel & Gretal, an end of term assembly etc all of which mummy had to attend..... Nursery had a leavers paery, a parents evening & practice days at school for September..... I started a course about 'Scrapbook & Altered Books'. From that I have just started a journal about the last 6 years of mine & my kids lives at the family centre where I have hung out for nursery & toddler groups etc. They want it to be used as evidence for ofstead....My little boy turned 4 which involved planning a party and it has turned me into an emotional wreck as it means he starts school in September, I'm not sure I'm ready for my last one to sister in law got married last weekend........and we go to spain on sunday.

Going back to the wedding my creative contribution was a request from the bride for a large box for the guests to place cards & vouchers in & my daughter requested I make the bride a trinket box. I made them both in the colourscheme to co-ordinate with the day and decoupaged the invite pattern onto both of them.

Going back to school, end of term of course involved pressies for teachers so with a bit of designing from my daughter we adapted these.......

to make this ............

Finally (as I'm sure you are begging me to shut up) is my latest make. The customer saw a plaque on tv in Katie Prices house and wanted one. I didn't just want to copy it as it wouldn't be me if it didn't have hearts & dots so this is what I came up with......

She's really pleased and today I have I got an order for another one !

Ok thats me done, that was July, think I am ready for that holiday on Saturday !! One last thing WELCOME new followers, so nice of you to join me, you must be wondering if I was actually gonna post anything as its been so long. We'll I'm back and promise I'll stay xxx

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  1. well done jo, you deserve that holiday xx

  2. Gosh you have been busy! Good for you! I love your 'Just Married' letters. Will you show us when they're finished? I thought the sample you did for them was exquisite! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Wow, you make some pretty things. Just found you and love your website! :) x

  4. Congragulations!!! You are so talented! Gorgeous things!xxx

  5. your hand painted bits are so lovely x