Friday, 27 November 2009

New Products

Been a bit busy lately painting new products and replacing old ones to keep my area of the shop looking full for the christmas shoppers. Going at full speed with smoke coming off my paint brush I've not had time to stop and share what I have been doing. I have been taking photos (which aren't up to my usual standard I'm affraid as I've rushed them) but haven't been posting them on here.

Done a new style "Peg It" Plaque as I've always thought the square ones were a bit boring.

Made some more lavender bags which I love. The Kaffe Fasset fabric is so me, spotty, bright, fun & funky I had to have it when I came across it on ebay.

Made some more girls necklaces which have proved popular and are a bit if fun to make choosing the clashing colours.

Will try to keep you up to date and share more in future, ttfn x

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